How can I have private sellers (posters) who pay per listing and dealers who pay monthly and can add as many listings as I allow ?
Posted by - NA - on 28 April 2005 05:08 PM

In Admin Area -> Price Plans you have to create at least 2 separate subscription-based plans for members [SUB plans] (one for private sellers and one for dealers) and at least 2 fee-based for listings [FEE plans] (again, one will be used by private sellers and one by dealers).

Imagine that we created the following basic price plans configuration :
( Plan ID - Plan Name - Plan Cost )
SUB_FREE - Private Seller - $0.00
FEE_FREE - Dealer Listing - $0.00
SUB_DEALER - Dealer - $50.00
FEE_PRIVATE - Private Listing - $5.00

Now we have to associate SUB_DEALER with FEE_FREE only and

Edit SUB_FREE plan, in "Disabled Ad Plans" section select
FEE_FREE to disable FEE_FREE for SUB_FREE members and click "Save". For SUB_DEALER you have to disable FEE_PRIVATE accordingly.

What is achieved by this configuration : Private Sellers will add listings and pay $5 per listing and Dealers will pay monthly fee $50 and place listings for free. You can restrict max. amount of listings allowed for dealers in SUB_DEALER plan.

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