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Increase PHP pages serving speed
Posted by Esvon Support on 14 June 2007 08:25 PM
Hi there,

Sooner or later your website reaches the point when you start thinking about performance. We have already shared our knowledge in this area obtained from wise books, public sources and from our previous experience at but we can try to simplify this topic.

The simplest way to make your PHP pages fly is compiler cache installation. Zend offers commercial solution "Zend Platform" for this
purpose, but free open source alternative is available as well - eAccelerator ( ).

eAccelerator can help PHP to load files much faster, so if you were thinking about performance improvement possibilities recently, you may want to consider eAccelerator install.

Tip: Zend Optimizer must be installed after eAccelerator in php.ini so it's loaded after eAccelerator ( ).

Ilia Alshanetsky ( ) recently did a good talk on php performance (at php tek) that you might be interested in if you have not already seen it. You can download the pdf of it at (be sure to check page 4 where compiler cache usage benefits are shown in digits).

Sincere wishes
to optimal website performance

The Esvon Team
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Esvon Classifieds upgrade in 10 minutes (3.x to 4.x)
Posted by Esvon Support on 16 December 2006 09:27 PM
Dear Customer,

If you're running Esvon Classifieds 3.x and consider upgrading to version 4,
you may find the following information interesting.

We'd like to share a short movie covering upgrade steps from version 3.x to 4
(we used Windows server for this purpose, but the steps are the same on Linux).
Length: 10 minutes
File size: 8.5 MB
Just unzip the archive and open v3_to_v4.html file.

You can always install v4 in a test environment (separate folder at your website)
to see how easy the upgrade process will be.

Please let us know if you have any questions

The Esvon Team

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The Right Software for Online Business ?
Posted by Esvon Support on 06 September 2006 06:24 PM
Hi there,

We are proud to present new Esvon Classifieds 4.x product series.
Launched in far 2001, this product has gained magnificent respect among
web developers and final customers worldwide.

Taking into account modern requirements to online business tools,
we focused on several key points which include increased software security,
reliability and performance. If you plan to make decision in this area
soon, the v4 package is really worth a closer investigation.

Also you may want to take a look at our new Refine Search module which allows
to filter search results by listing fields (price range, year, make, model, etc).
It is compatible with the recent version 3 builds as well.

If you are interested, please visit our website to view online demo(s)
and download trial versions.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Sincere wishes
to your continued success

The Esvon Team
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