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Future PHP versions compatibility (PHP 5.4+)
Posted by Esvon Support on 22 June 2012 10:54 AM
For new software downloads we highly recommend more future-proof ionCube version which is compatible with the whole PHP 5.x line.

For the existing users we recommend to stay on PHP 5.2.x as long as possible till you have enough reasons to switch to PHP 5.3+.
You can contact us and we'll do our best to help you to make PHP version switch smooth and transparent for your website users.
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PHP 5.3.10 released to fix a serious bug
Posted by Esvon Support on 03 February 2012 11:45 AM
The well known security expert Stefan Esser, Suhosin developer, has revealed again yet another serious security bug in PHP 5.3.9.

This time it is a bug that allows arbitrary remote code execution. This means that it allows to run arbitrary code on the server, injected by an eventual attacker, so it can be used to cause many types of damage inside a server.

We recommend you to upgrade to PHP 5.3.10 because if you are not vulnerable to this remote code execution security bug, you are vulnerable to the hash collision problem which was fixed in 5.3.9

P.S. Suhosin is a PHP extension that is meant to protect PHP installations against known and unknown PHP security bugs
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Critical issue is fixed in PHP 5.3.5 and 5.2.17 (32-bit systems)
Posted by Esvon Support on 07 January 2011 05:36 PM
Hi there,

Referring to:

PHP 5.3.5 and 5.2.17 were released quickly to address critical bug discovered on 30/12/2010, looks like the earlier PHP versions on 32-bit systems are vulnerable to simple Denial of Service attack by remote user which will bring your server to its knees (exhaust server's CPU resources).

Solution: install patch or the latest PHP version (we recommend 5.2.17 for compatibility's sake).

As the temporary solution you can use the following mod_security rule:
SecRule QUERY_STRING "\d+e\-\d+" "phase:2,deny,status:403"

Sincere wishes
to 100% uptime of your websites

The Esvon Team
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Merry Christmas from Esvon Team
Posted by Esvon Support on 07 January 2011 10:41 AM
Hi there,

We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy 2011
and would like to share with you video greeting from our
"woman of respect" Kay Arthur:

This lady has already helped and continues to help many people
(in particular, by developing course "Marriage without Regret")
to cure soul, relations, broken families, to re-think husband/wife
roles in a family, to address man/woman communication issues,
love, consistency, intimate relations, attitude to money, children
raising, openly discuss questions of divorse, 2nd marriage and so on..

You can try to watch "Precepts for Life", hosted by Kay Arthur,
the only TV and radio program that takes you through the Bible book
by book, verse by verse. Kay's warm yet direct teaching respects
the audience with love and accountability:

Finally, if you live within US/Canada, this link may be useful for you:

Thank you very much for your attention.

Sincere wishes
to your continued success

The Esvon Team
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One Of My Website is Hacked (Repeatedly), What is the Best Thing To Do?
Posted by Esvon Support on 01 August 2009 08:53 AM
Pick up some security expert's advice from HotScripts community members as to how to protect your website from hacking attempts:
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Thoughts in server / PHP-based website performance optimization
Posted by Esvon Support on 30 July 2009 01:10 PM
Hi again,

We'd like to share some thoughts regarding PHP-based website performance optimization with you and really hope you will find something useful to think about
and to make further research before making actual changes in your server environment.

1/ PHP 5.3

New PHP 5.3 offers a significant performance gain over previous PHP versions - try Google search on "PHP 5.3 performance" and you will get some real digits

2/ eAccelerator

eAccelerator installation allows to serve PHP content about 3 times faster (it may vary), don't forget to have Zend Optimizer installed after eAccelerator in php.ini ( see )

3/ Client side - caching

All static content (HTML pages, images, etc) can be cached in the browser by Expires header and Cache-Control header for 30-45 days (look at "mod_expires" Apache module).
Client-side cache can significantly improve the second visit, you'll get happy returning visitors and reduced bandwidth usage

4/ Use Nginx for font-end

Nginx usage for front-end and Apache for back-end is very beneficial for heavily loaded servers.
Nginx serves static content very efficiently, acts as reverse proxy for dynamic content (Apache/PHP) and allows to reduce memory consumption (RAM requirements).
You can start thinking about this model if your server load exceeds 10 http-requests per second

5/ MySQL

5a/ Query cache and buffer sizes

Make sure MySQL query cache is enabled and has proper size (you can start with 4MB or 64MB depending on the RAM available, use "query_cache_size" parameter in my.cnf)
Pay attention to "key_buffer" and "table_cache" parameters, they are important and shouldn't be too small.

5b/ InnoDB (selective)

This option is not for low end VPS, where InnoDB should be disabled to save memory.
In MySQL it is wise to change type of certain tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. MyISAM uses table-level blocking, InnoDB uses row-level blocking.
Conversion to InnoDB is useful for tables which experience many SQL updates (i.e. more than 20% write to 80% reads, e.g., session, hits, accesslog tables).
Don't forget to balance the amount of RAM between MyISAM and InnoDB because the buffers for each are configured separately.

5c/ Disable MySQL DNS Hostname Lookup

Add line "skip-name-resolve" in my.cnf, but you can only use IP numbers in the MySQL Grant table if you activate this option.


Consider TMPFS usage, virtual memory is much faster than a persistent storage device.

Sincere wishes
to outstanding website performance

The Esvon Team
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