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R Barton, TX, USA
One night I was surfing the web as I had done for months, looking for something to jump start my project... and I found the Esvon Classified Ad system. I tried the demo and "saw some things" in the system that made me think that I could take it and use it to "build upon" and get what I wanted. I was certain after I looked at some sites that they referred me to that were using their system... What I saw in these sites was a level of customization and flexibility built into the basic system. The differences in the sites... from the Esvon demo site, to each of the user sites, demonstrated this flexibility!
I have built three (3) uniquely different web sites using Esvon Classified Ad system. Each site is related and provides a part of the total project. Working together... a client can participate in any one or all three. Five years ago, I was quoted over $25,000 for custom programming what I now have accomplished for a fraction of the cost! Support has been fantastic! I could not have done it without the Esvon Classified Ad system. Oh, one more thing... my sites have nothing to do with classified ads!

About Us

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  Esvon LTD is a new media software company that provides complete web solutions for business worldwide. We provide dynamic business applications which web enable and automate business operations. We provide ready to run, reasonably priced packages with many functions and e-services such as customization (redesign), maintenance and support for these applications.

  We strive hard to bring success to our customers because it determines our own success. Our core business is providing software development, website front-end and back-end programming.

  We prefer to hire programmers with strong algorithmic and math backgrounds in addition to several years of professional programming experience. We like result-oriented developers who can solve problems quickly and professionally, love their work and are open to constant self-improvement.

  Usually we can provide a specialist whose skills (PHP, HTML, Apache, MySQL) and experience can be ideally matched to your project. You may want to check our products section here and download demos or test demos online to review quality of our solutions.

  Esvon LTD as a company, and our employees as individuals, commit to and are accountable for upholding the highest standards of professional integrity. We create an ethical working environment in which customers and employees are treated with fairness and respect.

  Our reputation for excellence has been earned by people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination, working closely with our customers and each other. We hope that these principles will continue to be the foundation of our success.


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