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Hakim, Oslo, Norway
Over the last five years, I have been looking for flexible, customizable, classified ads script. Then I found Esvon Classifieds. As soon as I tried the demo version, it was like a dream come true. The software is easy to use with no knowledge of PHP or SQL. The last two months I have used this script I never ran into PHP or SQL scripts, and I literally customized the thing the way I wanted it, which was much different from the way it was shipped. Knowledge of HTML is a must if you want to customize it on your own.
You can add as many and completely different categories and sub categories as you want. Categories can be by region (if you install the regions module) or by type (e.g. personals, auto, real state etc.). The support team has been very helpful, answered my emails quickly and solved my problems, some times two in one day. Therefore, I would recommend this script to any one who would like to have a professional, affordable and easy to use classified script.

Amazon Store Builder

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Amazon Store Builder

  Have a special topic on your mind/website and would like to offer related books for sale from Amazon ? It is well-known that you can become Amazon affiliate instantly and start to earn comissions on reselling in no time ! For more information about Amazon Associates program, or to apply to the program, please see

  With Amazon Store Builder script you can add relevant Amazon books to ANY existing website or create brand new online store in quite a simple way. The script is great for small stores, offering limited amount of specific books matching to your website content. No need to bother with a more complex system like WordPress and worry about exploits and security patches.

  Just add preferred books with images, define categories, enter your Associates ID and you can start offering selected books and earning your commission.


  • Lightweight, fast and secure
  • 100% open source
  • Search engines friendly URLs
  • Keywords in page titles: book titles, category names, authors


  • Apache
  • PHP
  • mod_rewrite

    Example Websites:

    Recovery of adult children of dysfunctional families - Self-Help books

  • Earnings report:
    Sample Amazon Earnings Report
    Click image to enlarge
    Click to buy!

    * One license required per site which will be running Amazon Store Builder.


    Stay informed of our products upgrades !

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