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Why when I click on any category or ad link it goes to an invalid page (404 - Page Not Found error) ?
Posted by - NA - on 12 January 2005 06:56 PM
If your URLs looks like HTML pages (e.g. page-XX.html, browse-XX-XX.html) it means you checked on "Enable search engines friendly URLs" option in Admin Area -> Application Setup -> Advanced Setup.

You need Apache module "mod_rewrite" installed for this (ask your hosting admin if you are not sure). If mod_rewrite is installed and you want this option to work please copy ".htaccess" file from "/docs/" dir into script dir (where index.php resides)

If you get "Page Not Found" errors it usually means one of the following:

1/ either .htaccess was not copied or mod_rewrite is not installed at your server.
Just uncheck that option in Admin Area if mod_rewrite is absent;

2/ you access your website using USERDIR styled URLs like
If this is the case, just add line
RewriteBase /~user/
into your .htaccess file (just after "RewriteEngine on" directive)

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