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At least 60% of all websites are impacted by jQuery XSS vulnerabilities
Posted by Esvon Support on 30 January 2020 04:39 PM

Unless you are using jQuery 3.4+ then you are using vulnerable jQuery versions.

These findings come from open source security platform, Snyk, and are included in "The state of JavaScript frameworks security report 2019"

In jQuery Snyk tracked six security vulnerabilities affecting jQuery across all of its releases to date. Four are medium severity Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities, one is a medium severity Prototype Pollution vulnerability, and the final one is a low severity Denial of Service vulnerability. 

More Information

Snyk Javascript Report 2019 (pdf)

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How Google PageSpeed works
Posted by Esvon Support on 22 July 2019 11:30 AM

There have been a couple of crucial changes made to Google's search indexing and ranking algorithms.

If you've been curious about how PageSpeed calculates it's critical speed score and how to make it work for you to improve your SEO ranking and ad quality score - this article will give you the details:

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Upgrade to PHP 7.2 - success story of performance-wise move
Posted by Esvon Support on 22 December 2017 08:17 AM

One of our customers got a good deal on a new VPS with EasyApache4. Before he had VPS with EasyApache3 where switching to PHP 7 was complicated.

We were asked to make sure pages serving is as fast as possible and that task included migration from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2.

Initial configuration included Apache 2.4 + mod_mpm_prefork + PHP 5.6 (suEXEC).

Website's index page is very rich with PHP-generated content so all speed tests were made on it using Apache bench command:

ab -n 500 -c 10

PHP 5.6 (suEXEC) results: 16 requests per second in average. Very slow. By the way suEXEC is making things slow too comparing to php-fpm.

New configuration included Apache 2.4 + mod_mpm_worker + PHP 7.2 (php-fpm).

PHP 7.2 (php-fpm) results: 83-101 requests per second. The difference can be amazing (6x faster). With EasyApache4 it is easy to switch between PHP versions so we tested the same configuration on PHP 7.1 and got 75-88 requests per second.

What contributed to this performance increase? At least 3 things:

1/ PHP 7.2 is the fastest in PHP line
2/ Handing PHP work off to PHP FPM makes a HUGE improvement in memory utilization (Server API = FPM/FastCGI in phpinfo output)
3/ Threaded worker Multi-Processing Module for Apache HTTP Server mod_mpm_worker is faster than mod_mpm_prefork

Merry Christmas !

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Learning to create or modify responsive Bootstrap-based layouts ?
Posted by Esvon Support on 14 January 2015 07:15 PM

# The Ultimate Guide to Bootstrap:

# Bootstrap Starter Templates (with demo and code)


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Web software challenges 2014
Posted by Esvon Support on 01 May 2014 11:35 PM
Greetings all,

Recently we were focusing on turning problems into tasks and finding solutions.
Of course this process can be lifelong but if you're interested to see a short list
of completed tasks we experienced in web software area, here they are.

We used plain text format using these signs: * Problem / # Solution

* Website is not good for mobile devices

# New responsive Bootstrap-based website template:

If you want something different or would like to see what are other options with Bootstrap,
here are some already developed template examples:

* Need more than the same header/footer for all pages, multiple header/footer files
for different pages, difficult to maintain, etc.

# Improved individual pages layout customization:
Examples where this functionality is already used - User Menu and Refine Search at the left sidebar.

* Website performance issues when accessed by many visitors.

# Sessions started only when they are actually used.
The same thing is mentioned as YII 2 framework new feature by the way.
Possibility for caching of dynamic HTTP content by HTTP reverse proxy like Varnish or nginx for significant performance increase.
Story from real life :

* Large images upload takes too long for remote users or on slow connections

# Plupload support integrated with ability to have images resized on client side before sending to the server

* Banning spamers using banned_ips.txt file not always working

# Fixed code in admin/spam.php which is updating banned_ips.txt automatically
when you select "ban user IP address" link in "Modify Listing" page in Admin Area.
In your existing install you may want to make sure your banned_ips.txt file has
one IP address per line without any brackets, just digits and dots and/or request
code update from us.

These are some of the changes in Esvon Classifieds 4.0.15.

This message is sent just to keep you informed.
We'll be happy to read your thoughts if you have any to share.

Esvon Team
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Easy-to-setup website for Amazon books selling
Posted by Esvon Support on 12 January 2013 11:52 AM
Have a special topic on your mind and plan to bring it online ? Have existing website and would like to offer related books for sale from Amazon ? It is well-known that you can become Amazon affiliate instantly and start to earn comissions on reselling in no time ! For more information about Amazon Associates program, or to apply to the program, please see

With Amazon Store Builder script you can add relevant Amazon books to ANY existing website or create brand new online store in quite a simple way. The script is great for small stores, offering limited amount of specific books matching to your website content. No need to bother with a more complex system like WordPress and worry about exploits and security patches.

Just add preferred books with images, define categories, enter your Associates ID and you can start
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