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Online Auto Dealership: One More Needle in a Haystack?

  Recently I have come to the interesting conclusion: sometimes, when you want to get rich, you don't need to earn more, it's probably the time for you to learn how to spend money reasonably (or even to save it). It has occurred to me, when I was carefully counting the percent from the third car, sold on my friend's site. I mean the popularity of the online business and the cost of its starting. This kind of business is quite new for us, in comparison with the traditional ones.

  It has different rules, different principles, deferent approach and.. fundamentally different conception of consumers' perception. It makes no difference what you sell online: truck, lorries or motorcycles.. your success depends more on how you sell it and not on what you sell.

  Practically every business on the Web requires particular software. I probably won't make a global discovery, if I say, that the program, which you choose for your business, influence your success very much. Since, it goes about the functionality, the swiftness and the comprehension of your dealership online face.

  I just want to share my own experience with you: the Internet is a crowded place. You will have to sweat over in order to become conspicuous. But to make this process easier, choose the right software base for it.

  People become more and more exigent about the goods they purchase, the services they use, and the advertising they read, see or listen to. That's why you can't just surprise them with the fact that you sell online. I hope you understand that you are not alone who deal with it. The web is full of online dealerships, good or bad ones, but, nevertheless, you are going to get online with your automobile one. Everyone has its own approach to it, but, in my opinion, there are several universal rules, which are to be followed not depending on what you sell and to whom.

  I am talking now about those general principles, which are important for any kind of consumers. The experience, gained from our customers' testimonials and log files analysis of their sites, show that the following components are essential for online dealership:

  • Navigation: Make the surfing through your site as easy as possible, the navigation should be felt, not guessed;
  • Convenience: Organize your sections and subsections in a convenient way, don't make the customer look for it;
  • Search: Add a powerful search option to the site;
  • Automation: Automate your selling process to a convenient extent; make the payment procedure as comprehensive as possible;
  • Pictures: Upload the photo of your beloved iron masterpieces (the more pictures of one vehicle you have, the better);
  • Interface: don't neglect the interface; make it comprehensive;
  • Useful options: don't forget about the voting and Tell-a-Friend options;
  • The Unexpected: Add an unexpected element to your site; for example, change the templates. Say according to the season, weather, holidays, etc;
  • Subscription: Subscription on your news is crucial too; of course, on condition that your news is worth paying attention to.

      Cars might be loved. Cars might be appreciated. Cars might be just vehicles. Cars might be a hobby. Cars might be even the objects of collecting. Do you think people will stay on the site, where the objects of their passion are presented in a poor manner?

      Purchasing a car, people normally spend a lot of time on its search. They compare, choose, consult with experts, and change their mind again and again. You should build the site, which functionality will persuade the visitors that there is no other variant for them except buying a car at your online dealership. Do I make myself clear? Only your variant. I will underline: don't make your dealership another needle in a haystack. If you want it to bring profit, bring in maximum efforts and creativity to it.

      Good platform for your business is a half of your success. John, the friend I was talking about at the beginning, has built his auto store with the help of Auto Listings Manager. He has studied every aspect of it, consulted with a dozen of experts and at last, made the choice in favour of Esvon Auto Listings Manager.

      Of course, the fact that John has a particular business grip has played a great role in his getting rich. But when only a year ago he was just an owner of a small brick and mortar auto shop in the suburbs, he began losing his grip. It proves once again, that if you sell in the wrong place and apply the wrong tactics, you won't go far, no matter what grip you might have.

      When it comes to online selling, you need not only the place and the tactics, you need also the platform. We strongly recommend you: please, purchase only that software, which you are sure about. Read the testimonials, contact the manufacturer, require a demo version, screenshots, do not skip the opportunity to see the others' sites, built on the basis of this software.

      To make a conclusion, combine the good base and the right approach. The Web is the right place for selling. You are the right person for dealing with it.

      Hope this article will help you to evaluate your business strategy, go ahead and be successful!

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