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Custom programming services
  We offer quite flexible software, repeatedly customized on our customers' requests for various applications.
  Being the software manufacturers, we know it inside and out: its capabilities, features and usage scope. Also we have years of experience in customizing it for specific customer applications.
  If you need to have the product adjusted to your individual needs, please contact us with your detailed project requirements and we will confirm our availability for this. Thank you in advance for choosing us.

  Since we started offering these services we have worked out the following customization policy:

  • We provide no guarantees on our availability for customization projects. As long as we are available for them, we will accept new projects
  • We require payment up front for customization projects unless the project timeframe exceeds 20 hours (payment splitting is possible for longer projects)
  • No refunds on customization projects are provided. Therefore, we ask you to make sure if the program can do what you want it to do before request the customization services
  • If you choose to customize the product, please, document in details your ideas as for the changes you would like to have, before requesting any customization work
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