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13 Jan 2024 - Esvon Classifieds v5.0.9 released with improved user experience, optimized performance and updated libraries. To review the new features, please visit "changes history" page
04 Mar 2023 - Esvon Classifieds build 5.0.8 is available - MySQL 8 compatibility, fixes and improvements, updated libraries, PHP 8.1 compatible version upon request, and more..
04 Jan 2021 - New Esvon Classifieds build 5.0.7 offers several improvements including better user registraton experience with Facebook/Google module, more flexible login setup, Google ReCaptcha update and improved image resizing accuracy in some cases, more details here..
03 Jul 2020 - Esvon Classifieds build 5.0.6 is available - maintance release featuring PHP 7.4 compatibility, better usability and administration, minor fixes and other improvements..
22 Jan 2020 - Member Website module client software updated with the latest versions of 3rd-party plugins including jQuery, Bootstrap and Colorbox.
09 Jan 2020 - The fresh Esvon Classifieds v5.0.5 build features usability improvements both for website browsing and administration, minor fixes and latest versions of 3rd-party plugins including jQuery library with resolved security vulnerabilities. Full changes history here..
08 Jan 2019 - Esvon Classifieds v5.0.4 released ! In this release we targeted SEO and mobile friendliness. To review the new features, please visit "changes history" page
10 May 2018 - New Esvon Classifieds build 5.0.3 offers minor improvements including email verification for listings posted without formal registration, optimized Pagespeed score of the default theme, igbinary support by caching module, improved IPv6 compatibility, more details here..
16 Apr 2018 - OAuth (Facebook/Google Login) module updated - to keep up with recent Facebook API changes
30 Nov 2017 - Esvon Classifieds build 5.0.2 is available - PHP 7.0-7.2 compatibility, improved relevance ranking of keyword search results and other improvements..
15 May 2017 - The fresh Esvon Classifieds v5.0.1 build features Redis support, better quality of rotated images and improved interface for images upload within "Place Ad" and "Modify Ad" pages. Full changes history here..
02 Jan 2017 - Esvon Classifieds v5.0 released ! This is a major release, in which we focused on reliability, performance and easier website interface translation (Deutsch and Fran├žais are available). To review the new features, please visit "changes history" page
09 Mar 2016 - OAuth (Facebook/Google Login) module updated - Facebook API v5 integrated which pushes PHP version requirement to 5.4+
16 Sep 2015 - Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.18 is available with general usability improvements both in front-end and in Admin Area. To review the new features, please visit "changes history" page
09 Sep 2015 - Front-end templates for Instant Quote Builder (PC Builder) updated to be responsive, based on Bootstrap framework. Check demo here
04 Dec 2014 - Member Website module client software improved, better cache handling and responsive Bootstrap-based template. Check demo here
01 Dec 2014 - The fresh Esvon Classifieds v4.0.17 build features new Bootstrap-based responsive HTML5 Admin Panel and some internal improvements
16 Sep 2014 - New Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.16 offers full Unicode support, increased user authentication security, touch-friendly interface for images management, enhanced keywords search, improved image files storage for high-volume websites, more details here..
01 Jun 2014 - Multiple Categories module released - allow your website users to have classified ads listed in multiple categories without duplicating them
30 Apr 2014 - Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.15 is available - new responsive website template, improved individual pages layout customization, possibility for caching by HTTP reverse proxy like Varnish for significant performance increase and other improvements here..
14 Feb 2014 - OAuth (Facebook/Google Login) module updated - allow your website users to sign in using their existing Facebook or Google accounts
08 Nov 2013 - Esvon Classifieds v4.0.14 released ! In this release we added responsive HTML5 website template and focused on improving software architecture and security. To review the new features, please visit "changes history" page
02 Oct 2013 - Multi Language module improved with features of bulk translation of categories/regions and ability to automate fieldset-specific HTML templates translation
06 Sep 2013 - Member Website module updated, performance improved when running on PHP 5.3+
12 Apr 2013 - OAuth (Facebook Login) module released - allow your website users to sign in using their existing Facebook accounts
02 Mar 2013 - Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.13 is available! New options and improved compatibility, see more details in changes history here..
11 Jan 2013 - Amazon Store Builder is back. Lightweight and secure PHP script which can be used for niche websites offering companion books for sale
28 Aug 2012 - New Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.12 offers several improvements including Lightbox/prettyPhoto support for images viewing, reCAPTCHA image verification, more details here..
01 Feb 2012 - Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.11 is available - solid script for online classifieds, auctions, inventory management software and more..
26 Jan 2012 - Refine Search module updated - website visitors can filter search results by more different listing fields now
03 Nov 2011 - Google Maps module improved - geocoding function added - enable maps displaying for the existing listings without need to set marker for every listing separately
17 Jul 2011 - Google Maps module released - your website users can pick and display geographical location for the listings posted
09 Apr 2011 - Since announced the end-of-life for PHP 5.2 recently, we have prepared PHP 5.3.x compatible download of Esvon Classifieds software which requires ionCube loader installed
19 Jan 2011 - Download fresh Esvon Classifieds build (4.0.10) and discover Flash-based multi-image uploading integrated, much better default cross-browser WYSIWYG Content Editor and more..
07 Jan 2011 - Pay per Click module updated, some usability improvements both in User and Admin Area
05 Jul 2010 - Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.9 is available! As always, we worked carefully to make it better based on real-life usage and customer feedback
25 Dec 2009 - New build is available (v4.0.8), it is almost a maintenance release with several new features added
24 Dec 2009 - We wish you a very good Christmas season. May Christ truly be in your Christmas celebration, remembering what a wonderful gift He truly is
04 Jun 2009 - Since now in the license agreement we ask not to use our software for adult websites. We believe in Jesus Christ and are sure adult business is a sin. We will not provide any kind of support or customization services to adult websites
20 May 2009 - New Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.7 is ready for PHP 5.3, which will be available soon (RC2 now) with all its cool features and performance enhancements.
New stronger CAPTCHA image verification and some internal architecture improvements are worth mentioning as well, see more details in changes history here..
24 Dec 2008 - We celebrate Jesus' birth on Christmas.. Jesus showed us how God's favor rests with the poor and downtrodden. The Gentile wise men came to worship Jesus. Later, the Gentiles would make up most of the Christian world. Luke 1:26-Luke 2:40 can remind you the story..
20 Nov 2008 - Download fresh Esvon Classifieds build (4.0.6) and discover efficient, reliable and well designed piece of software if you don't know it yet. Read more..
23 May 2008 - Esvon Classifieds build 4.0.5 is available! We worked carefully to make it a solid script you can rely upon
07 May 2008 - Auction module updated, some internal improvements, "reserve price" option added
02 Aug 2007 - New build is available (v4.0.4), you can use dependent drop down menus as listing fields since now (e.g. make/model, state/city, etc)
03 May 2007 - We are pleased to offer you Esvon Classifieds v4.0.3 build. Proved software stability, rich features, for professionals, by professionals ...
05 Sep 2006 - Refine Search module released - your website visitors can filter search results by different item fields now (price, year, make, model, etc).
31 Aug 2006 - To overcome HtmlArea2 limited compatibility Esvon Classifieds v4.0.1 update is released with simplified 3rd party WYSIWYG HTML editors integration. New compatible with most internet browsers HTML editor support added
24 Jul 2006 - Esvon Classifieds v4.0 released ! This is a major release, in which we focused on increased security, reliability and performance. To review the new features, please visit "changes history" page
09 Mar 2006 - PHP5 compatible version of Esvon Classifieds is available for download now. If you use php 5.x hosting platform, please install the correct software version for PHP5
05 Dec 2005 - "Zip/Postal Code Radius Search" module has been rewritten entirely. As from now you can use it for any countries for which you have zip/postal code database with Latitude and Longitude information
20 Sep 2005 - Using new "CSV Import" module admin users can upload / import listings with images into website database from CSV files.
11 May 2005 - "Member Website" module released - it allows members to setup new websites displaying their own listings only
20 Apr 2005 - Esvon Classifieds 3.0 build 797 released ! Since December 2004 we worked hard to add new features and improve software functionality. We still keep our prices as low as possible offering the best solution at the best price. View changes history here
30 Nov 2004 - Compare Items module released - allows your website visitors to view comparison page between selected items
16 Oct 2004 - Editors module released - supervisor can set up admin accounts for editors with multiple permission levels and limited administrator rights
05 Sep 2004 - Availability module released - members can use it to display availability calendar for their listings (e.g. rentals). Availability search allows website visitors to find rentals for any date range
12 Jul 2004 - Multi Language module released - allows to have multi-lingual capability for website running Esvon Classifieds software
29 Jun 2004 - Rate Member module released - allows customers to write reviews about site members (sellers) and rate them
01 Apr 2004 - Saved Searches module released - site members can save their searches for easy access and be notified by email if a match to the saved search is posted to the site
25 Mar 2004 - Auction module released and opened modules "Download Demo" area where you can download demos of additional Esvon Classifieds modules and try them before ordering
17 Mar 2004 - After repeating answering to the same questions we are pleased to introduce Help Desk area. You can now easily submit help tickets, instantly find answers to your questions in our knowledgebase and get email confirmation that your ticket is received
01 Mar 2004 - "Pay Per Click" module released - it allows members to bid on ad placement position to appear higher in search results
14 Jan 2004 - "Stock Photo Gallery" module released - in addition to images uploading, users can pick an image from a stock photo gallery! So if you have Auto Classifieds website you can have stock photos for most models, which allow users to choose an image while they place their ads
31 Dec 2003 - "Shopping Cart" module released - create full featured online e-store or turn some categories of your website into e-store areas selling products!
28 Dec 2003 - "AutoNotify" module enhanced - it is integrated with "advanced search" page now and allows member to have some AutoNotify profiles
25 Dec 2003 - "Coupons" module for Esvon Classifieds released! You can easily create promotions and offer percentage / fixed fee discounts to your customers now
20 Dec 2003 - Esvon Classifieds 3.0 released! Some new cool features, more flexibility, engine updated to be ready for upcoming Shopping Cart, Auctions, Coupons, Auto Rebilling and more modules. Read more..
05 Dec 2003 - "Attention Getters" and "Signs and Flyers" modules for Esvon Classifieds released! You have more options to offer to your site members for free or for certain fee
27 Oct 2003 - Esvon Classifieds 2.9 released! Credits module, WYSIWYG HTML editor, fixed size thumbnails generating, search results layout switching, category-specific price plans and more ! Read more..
24 Oct 2003 - "Banner Ads" module enhanced, now dynamic banners are supported and default banner for each zone can be set
18 Oct 2003 - "Instant Messenger" and "Chat" modules for Esvon Classifieds released! Use Esvon Classifieds to create virtual meeting places where people from all over the world can meet and talk!
08 Oct 2003 - New modules for Esvon Classifieds released - "Affiliates", "Banner Ads" and "Credits" ! Now the product has probably the biggest flexibility and feature list in comparison with the similar web applications and this is only the beginning. Choose our solution now and get lifetime license and upgrades, time is money! Read more..
23 Aug 2003 - Esvon Classifieds 2.8 released! Some general improvements, blocks functionality, more flexibility! Read more..
04 Aug 2003 - New "Regions" module for Esvon Classifieds released! Build hierarchical drill-down menus and location trees with ease! Read more..
12 Jun 2003 - We proudly present new release of Esvon Classifieds! In 2.7 version you will find modular structure for best flexibility and improved payment plans management, fee- and subscription-based plans are supported with ability to charge for ads placement, featured ads, images amount, ads priority and so on. Read more..
09 Apr 2003 - Esvon Classifieds 2.6 released ! Many your suggestions were considered and new cool features added. We're determined to offer outstanding solution in classified ads software market. View changes history here