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Module: Pay Per Click (PPC)
  Pay Per Click module allows members to bid on ad placement position to appear higher in search results at your website based on Esvon Classifieds script - PHP classified ads software.

  Members setup their ads on the site and then buy a credit balance of funds (called a reserve). The advertiser then assigns a "bid amount" to each ad they setup. Advertisers can setup as many ads as they like. The bid amount determines the placement of the ad when displayed with other ads in a listing. The higher the bid amount, the closer to the top of the page the ad appears. Each time sponsored ad is clicked (from unique IP to prevent spam clicks) on from the search page, the bid amount is deducted (debited) from advertiser credits. When the reserve drops below a particular amount set by the advertiser in Credits module, an email is automatically sent out as a reminder that they need to add more credits to their reserve pool.

  Also, for each listings user can set several options in PPC bid management:
  • Started/Closed Bid.
  • Bid per Click (Current Bid Amount). This amount should be greater than 0 for PPC participation.
  • Total Budget (Max Total Bid Amount). Once the max credits amount is reached, the bid will be closed automatically and a report will be sent to the member.
  • Periodic Budget (Max Bid Amount). Once this credits amount is reached, the bid will be stoped (not closed) automatically. So, for each individual listing user has the option to draw certain amount of money from the pool within certain time period: day, week, month or year. Example: A member has $100 in their reserve and has 10 listings running on the site. Two of his ads are $0.50 per click. He may wish to set a limit on how many times these $0.50 listings can be clicked - like a $5.00 limit per day - not to drain the reserve too quickly from a handful of their high-bid listings.

    Credits module for Esvon Classifieds

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