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  When it comes to hotel accomodations reservation, customers are very impatient. They typically wish to receive the immediate confirmation is a room is available or not.

  With automated reservation system they do not have to make a phone call or send a requesting email. The customers have 24 hour access to your room rates and availability. What's more important, they receive instant confirmation by email.

  Why are Hotel Reservation applications so popular? They have a number of advantages:

  • You will be able to increase direct sales right from your hotel website
  • You will reduce administration costs and save reservations staff time
  • You may advertise "Hot Offers" with special rates on your hotel website
  • You can also provide your corporate clients with an instant online reservation facility through your website

      Customers will appreciate the prompt work, hotel owners will free up the staff resources for other duties, saving their time and money.

      Would you like to have a complete control over rates so that you can maximise your room yields? Esvon Classifieds as accommodation and hotels listing software plus Availability module is a perfect solution for that.

      Esvon Classifieds is a powerful classified ads software and inventory management software with significant usage scope. Carefully written PHP code makes the software fast and reliable worker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your profit. If you are interested, we recommend you to do the following :

  • review online demo (both Front-end and Admin Area);
  • request featured customers URLs to see how the software is used in real life;
  • download demo package to make sure you have enough skills to administer the software;
  • if the software suits your needs, place online order here.