Hosting Configurator

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Designed to build and price custom hosting plans on-the-fly but not limited only to this.

   If your company offers hosting services - Hosting Configurator is designed for you.
Hosting Configurator allows the client to configure hosting options and then make order for default or custom hosting plan.

   Hosting Configurator has two areas:

  • the main site, where customers choose the hosting plan and particular options;
  • administration area (hosting plans, hosting options, prices and descriptions management).

  • Easy to configure
  • Change prices as desired
  • Add/remove categories and options easily
  • Customize appearance with background, font, and table colors
  • Add HTML/Graphics to the top and bottom of pages
  • Instant pricing feature
  • Price mark-up support
  • Built-in order form - you can customize order forms, making any fields required.
  • Category description link possibility
  • Linux AND Windows support
  • Unlimited amount of hosting plans support
  • Both relative and absolute prices displaying support
  • Both no items by default and default hosting plans support
  • Your customers will receive e-mailed confirmation of order.
  • Display or hide individual options prices

  • PHP

  • Front-end: online demo here
  • Admin area: here
    Notes: The demo admin area has limited functionality, performance of some actions has been disabled.

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