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Personals software for your dating, singles or matchmaking website with internal messaging and flexible membership price plans support.

   Esvon Personals* is an edition of Esvon Classifieds script which was already used in a variety of ways: as classifieds solution, online inventory management system, business/community portal software, yellow pages with light content management features (CMS). We invite you to have a look at URLs of some of our customers (request them here) to have more information for decision-making.

   Have you ever wanted to play matchmaker?
   Starting your own personals site has never been easier! The Esvon Personals program is fully customizable; thus it allows you to edit the structure and content in any way you like. Let's say you want to change the color palette or to redesign the site completely. You can add free personals or classified ones to your website. This can add an interactive community aspect to your site; it can as well boost your traffic by attracting more and more visitors to your online agency.

  We offer completely automated system which allows members to signup instantly, have their account information emailed to them and interact with other members online. Members can browse the database or refine their search criteria to find the mate they are looking for specifically.

  Members may have profiles only or can post some personal ads, upload pictures of themselves, send messages to each other, and bookmark other members they want to keep in touch with. All contacting through the site retains complete anonomity for the security of the users (including their REAL email address). All members are known to each other by screen names only. Administration panel allows edit/delete of members, mass emailing, member counting and much more!

   Spending thousands of dollars to have a custom program? Think twice! Esvon Personals already does everything you want. It is created and operates so well that administering the program's website can be undertaken by anyone. Make sure by yourself!


Software Recommended Minimum
PHP 5.4 + 5.0
MySQL 5.1 + 4.0
ionCube Loader or Zend Optimizer

Your PHP Version What you need
PHP 5.3+ ionCube Loader
PHP 5.0-5.2.x ionCube Loader or Zend Optimizer


  • Front-end: online demo here
  • Admin area: online demo here
    Note: The demo admin area has limited functionality, performance of some actions has been disabled.
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    *This software is an edition of Esvon Classifieds; it has all its features and is an example of Esvon Classifieds usage
    Recommended ModulesCost
    Chat module $129.95
    Instant Messenger module $142.95
    Private Messaging module $129.95
    Regions module $129.95
    Saved Searches module $129.95
    ZIP Code Radius Search module $129.95
    Source code domain license (developer license) **
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    ** Source code version is not subject to free upgrades