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Module: Regions
  Regions module allows to add unlimited level hierarchical drill-down location menu with search possibility to your website based on Esvon Classifieds script - PHP classified ads software.

  For instance, you can search and browse ads by Country, by States / Provinces / Regions in any Country, by Cities / Counties in a State, by Street / Area in a City and so on. "Pick Lists" are driven by database table and selections are made variable based upon a previous selection. Ads can be browsed by regions with ad amounts per region displaying.

  You can add pages with clickable maps to your website easily. Just find maps, define proper hotspots for them and you're done!

  Module is powered by our own unique category tree building engine. It is very fast and uses only 2 SQL queries to build category tree with ads amount per category data. No one else even comes close to giving you this solution, some other low end programs don't care about performance and can bring your server to knees by amount of database queries!

  1. If I select USA from the menu of countries, I would see states in USA in the next drop down list below it? And if i select Canada I would see provinces in Canada ? - Yes, that's right.

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Database-driven Regions/Location menu

Location tree allowing to drill down to desired region and search for ads in any area

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