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Leading dealer and expert in ironstone, yellowware, and similar ceramics
Leading dealer and expert in ironstone, yellowware, and similar ceramics

Maldives online classifieds/auctions
Maldives online classifieds/auctions

Antique Flags and Painted Furniture
Antique Flags and Painted Furniture

  One of the most attractive advantages of e-commerce is lower transaction costs - if an e-commerce site is implemented well, the web can significantly lower both order-taking costs up front and customer service costs after the sale by automating processes. In general, software for e-business and e-commerce helps to centralize sales management from different channels, manage customer and supplier relationships more efficiently, cut operating cost, increase profitability and gain competitive edge.

  Traditional mail order companies introduced the concept of shopping from home in your pajamas, and e-commerce offers this same luxury. The features that web sites offer include:
  • The ability to build an order over several days;
  • The ability to configure products and see actual prices;
  • The ability to easily build complicated custom orders;
  • The ability to compare prices between multiple vendors easily;
  • The ability to search large catalogs easily.

      Improved customer interactions are also the advantages of great importance. With automated tools it is possible to interact with a customer in richer ways at virtually no cost. For example, the customer might get an email when the order is confirmed, when the order is shipped and after the order arrives. A happy customer is more likely to purchase something else from the company.

      Currently e-commerce software allows to plan, monitor and analyze sales activities online easily and quickly. It allows to manage a store on the Internet using only a Web browser. You are at a loss? You don't know which e-commerce strategy to rely on? Our solutions have very rich and robust out-of-the-box features, centralized management of orders/customers and can be deployed in multi-site environment at low cost ownership. We are highly committed to customer success and do whatever it takes to deliver solutions on time and on budget.

      The target groups of products developed by our professional staff offer your an individual multiservice solutions. They allow to automate the development of many components, to create and support any full-scale e-commerce programs and payments system. The products control the accurate build of orders and funds transfer.

      Esvon Classifieds is a powerful classified ads software and inventory management software with significant usage scope. Carefully written PHP code makes the software fast and reliable worker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your profit. If you are interested, we recommend you to do the following :

  • review online demo (both Front-end and Admin Area);
  • request featured customers URLs to see how the software is used in real life;
  • download demo package to make sure you have enough skills to administer the software;
  • if the software suits your needs, place online order here.