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* Price includes single-domain lifetime license and 1 year of free access to new software versions.
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S Culpin, UK
I've been using Esvon classifieds for over 10 years now. The software performs great even with many adverts. I've always received excellent and fast support.

T Elliott, GA, USA
I have been a very satisfied Esvon customer for 6 years now. I run various websites and every time I need a reliable solution for a large and dynamic website I always turn to Esvon. I actually use Esvon Classifieds as the most fully featured and supported CMS I have found, with features that most CMS programs don't offer. In short, the software does what I want it to, it is very flexible, it can be used 'out of the box', it has great email support and for such a feature rich product it is reasonably priced. I highly recommend Esvon Classifieds not only as classifieds ads software but an easy to manage CMS for large sites.

Ed Durivage, NY, USA
Best out there, designed to do it all, A++. What can I say, it does it all. I can start with the core engine, and build a custom realty website, or by building new fieldsets, a completely different looking and functioning classifieds website, or how about auction website(?) or what ever I want! For $650, it would take me a month to write that core engine. Not remotely worth it. In addition it accepts all Esvon's plugins, and if you feel the need, write your own. With the click of a check box one can add, update, change just about anything. How about injecting a payment system? All set. Use whats there or add your own. Accepts 4 major payment gateways. Esvon encrypts core components, but leaves important files open for editing or changing. Import just about anything you need to customize your pages, including shockwave files, media and more. Support usually comes within 24hrs. (many times sooner) and 99% of the time its something I overlooked. The admin has so much control, it easy to overlook one of hundreds of check boxes or tweak zones.. I've read where some people complain about support, price, 'bugs', etc. All I can say is, this script isn't for impatient little kids. Its for adults who are serious about making MONEY. Everything worked for me from 'searching' to 'modules' with zero bugs. Only thing I found that could use a little more thought were a few help files or check box descriptions, but with a quick test, one can easily see the made changes. 1 days setup, 1 day fieldsets, 1 day formatting, 2 days concept, 1 day tweaking. That's a week and one can easily charge $4000 to set this up. No a bad weeks salary. Again, A++. Ed

I Singh, Singapore
I must submit that Esvon Classifieds script is a very robust script. I have used a few other scripts earlier and I always had some problem or the other. With Esvon everything is seamless, right from the installation stage to its day to day functioning. Also, the support provided is very good. There have been a couple of occasions when I have had to ask them help with regard to some minor changes to be made in the script. The response was very good.

J Westmark, FL, USA
I can't say enough good things about Esvon and their classified ad software. I've been working with them for almost three years and I'm on my third site. Their technical support and response times are fantastic and I've used them for all of the core/Db mods and enhancements that I've made. I couldn't image writing this code from scratch or using some other vendors package. BTW the first Esvon site I launched recently sold for a mid 6 figure (US$) amount.

M Wingo, TN, USA
I LOVE Esvon. I have worked with them for over a year now and they never stop amazing me. I had a custom classified job done and they came through for me 100%. Almost every feature I wanted, they knew how to make it better. They even fixed errors I found in my custom work the next day! There customer support a+, programming rate a+, software a+, knowledge and capabilities a+. They put that little extra something in their products that make them GREAT! Esvon, how do you do it? You guys rock!

L Kalisky, CA, USA
I spent months researching classified ad software before finally deciding on Esvon. I couldn't be happier with the decision. The software has been easy to customize and configure, and includes all the features I needed (and much more). In addition, Esvon's service has been absolutely superb - promptly answering every question I ask and providing top-quality custom scripting tailored to my specific needs. Thank you.

Imad AL-Kadhim, London, UK
Esvon Classifieds is the best classifieds program I have ever seen. Yes, it needs time to make it better as it has tens of options that need to be set for your purposes. It is worth everything I paid for. The program is efficient, reliable, designed well and is a piece of art. The technical support is so helpful and cooperative.

JJ Murphy, Kilkenny, Ireland
We have used Esvon Classifieds for 2 main projects so far and we feed 2 further sites using the member website module. For ease of use there is nothing that comes close. A well built template system allows you to make the site look however you wish and it is all backed up by an excellent admin area. The customer support is outstanding and Esvon have been with us every step of the way. We have and will continue to recommend this software to our clients without any worries.

A Baker, IL, USA
I purchased MANY web scripts, and none even come close to what Esvon Classifieds can do. If you can dream it up, it can do it. On top of that, technical support is second to none. I am floored each time I ask a question and I have a response in a few minutes. If you are shopping for classifieds software, you can stop comparing or looking around. This is the ONLY product you need.
-One very satisfied customer.

R Hillig, MN, USA
Esvon Classified has a great script to load our vehicle inventory & makes it easier to display our vehicles on our website! I would definitely recommend this software. The ease of use to customize is great. Integrates wonderfully with the rest of my website.

K Hurst, Newcastle, Australia
Once setup and the installation of the directory was completed, MAP Marketing was delighted with the way the system operated. After staff became familiar with the functions, they realised that the program was great value for money. MAP Marketing was especially taken with its full customisation features, the admin system, good user interface. When there were difficulties MAP Marketing found ESVON support both responsive and helpful.

C Hernandez, TX, USA
This is the best classified software available online. I have worked with many companies and have pretty much licenses with all the major software developers and by far ESVON Classifieds is the best. What I like? Highly Customizable, PHP driven, MOD Rewrite, Excellent Customer Service, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Do not be fooled by imitations, invest in ESVON and you wont regret it!

J Pearce, Auckland, New Zealand
I have recently purchased a copy of Esvon Classifieds and could not be happier. Not only is this an exceptional product but the service and support is second to none. I have had several difficult modifications completed by Esvon, each one was completed ahead of schedule and beyond expectation. I would not hesitate to recommend their products or services and will definitely continue doing business with them in the future.

A Zheng, Beijing, China
I had been looking for a classified software for about six months around the world through the Internet. When I found Esvon, I soon knew what I needed. Also great is the after-sale support. They are highly responsive and able to completely solve my problem each time

G Harper, TX, USA
The flexibility of Esvon Classifieds and the member website module make it the most useful classifieds program I've come across. Add helpful, responsive e-mail support and it's well worth the money.

C Oliveira, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Esvon Classifieds is undoubtly the best software in its niche. It is excellent. The modules are extremely good. And also is the support. If you have a professional classified ads site, you must use it. There is no other like that.

A Dysart, GA, USA
I have been using Esvon's classified script for three years now and have been very impressed with the functionality and the dependability of the program. Our sites that run the Esvon's classified program have become quite successful. I have also had a great deal of customization done by Esvon and they have always executed all the jobs with professionalism and with an understanding of what the end result should be. I owe a great deal of our success to this great program and company. Thx Esvon!

H Fluker, El Salvador
I recently launched a real estate site and Esvon was a perfect match for all our needs. I have never seen a more stable product or a script with so many added features as this one has. The speed of this product is the best I have seen. I would recommend this product for anyone that wants to set up a serious classifieds based website. I am so satisfied with this system that I am in the process of buying two more licenses for two other sites that we are setting up.

S Wayland, VA, USA
We couldn't have launched our site without Esvon Classifieds. This product is so far advanced than any other we could find - and at a reasonable price. It is modular and expandable and the admin section makes it a breeze to setup. We can mostly concentrate on marketing and customer service thanks to this amazing Esvon product!

J Haddock, Clear Channel Communications, FL, USA
The most flexible and easily customized classifieds solution on the market. Their custom support is incredible and there is nothing they cannot do. I have tried to finish a classfied ads project for over a year and they did it in less than 2 weeks. Simply awesome !

H Adams, GA, USA
Esvon classifieds is user friendly, easy to customize and offers great customer service. Also the extra modules are very simple to install and offer unique customization. I have two licences and will definitely buy another.

R Peterson, SD, USA
After almost 3 problem free years I had a problem with the CC Processor settings in our Esvon Classifieds. Esvon tech support fixed it without hassle... Incredible! Thanks guys! Great program! Great support! Doesn't get much better than that.

R Barton, TX, USA
One night I was surfing the web as I had done for months, looking for something to jump start my project... and I found the Esvon Classified Ad system. I tried the demo and "saw some things" in the system that made me think that I could take it and use it to "build upon" and get what I wanted. I was certain after I looked at some sites that they referred me to that were using their system... What I saw in these sites was a level of customization and flexibility built into the basic system. The differences in the sites... from the Esvon demo site, to each of the user sites, demonstrated this flexibility!
I have built three (3) uniquely different web sites using Esvon Classified Ad system. Each site is related and provides a part of the total project. Working together... a client can participate in any one or all three. Five years ago, I was quoted over $25,000 for custom programming what I now have accomplished for a fraction of the cost! Support has been fantastic! I could not have done it without the Esvon Classified Ad system. Oh, one more thing... my sites have nothing to do with classified ads!

W Tidwell, TX, USA
Our business has at least doubled since we installed our new software. I love it! Before, I was spending so much time entering/updating/deleting ads, manually. Now it works by itself. So cool. My customers love it too. I haven't received one ugly email in 2 months.

A Merkin, FurnitureFinders, CA, USA
Superb Software! We looked at others, and Esvon classifieds is by far the most robust, feature-rich program, with great speed and scalability. It is fully customizable and anything you can't do yourself, Esvon can customize for you. Their tech support is excellent. We had a lot of customization and tech issues -- Esvon took care of us promptly and professionally. The program is incredibly well designed and has made our website a huge success.

B O'Sullivan, Cork, Ireland
I was searching for a classifieds solution for ages and found Esvon Classifieds. The software is excellent and can be used for many professional online website projects and not only classifieds; i.e. Real Estate, Motors, Jobs. It also supports taking online payments. Support from Esvon is excellent and additional modules can also be purchased. Esvon also provide customisation if you want to do something different! Overall, i'd give the product 9.5 out of 10!

D Smith, Surrey, UK
As the CTO of a delaware corp, my job is to seek new innovative technologies and models that make business sense, after much research - esvon classifieds proved itself - my advise - to take that step - buy this product and make your business work - support is excellent, code is excellent, its a truly well made product, these guys are the real deal - sorry i only gave you guys a 5 - 50 is more like it - thanks esvon.

I Bizjak, Slovenia
Esvon Classifeds is a very good script. You can totaly customize templates, translate in various languages, also have included payment gateways like Paypal, 2Checkout. A team and online support are very professional to help you any time. I recommened this script for anyone who will work with small/classified listings.

D Vasichek, AZ, USA
Not Perfect, but Really Good. After spending 20+ hrs searching and reviewing classified applications, this one is definitely the best one I've found. I am almost ready to launch our site and the building process has been mostly smooth. What bumps I've run into have been smoothed out by Esvon's responsive tech support. I have paid for several customizations and they were completed on schedule and made to work to my specifications. Simple and cohesive. 5 stars would mean perfection IMO. 4 means REALLY GOOD.

C Mason, Valencia, Spain
This software has taken our website to the next level. Definitely worth it. After sales service is miles better than our last software provider. Keep up the good work!

Hakim, Oslo, Norway
Over the last five years, I have been looking for flexible, customizable, classified ads script. Then I found Esvon Classifieds. As soon as I tried the demo version, it was like a dream come true. The software is easy to use with no knowledge of PHP or SQL. The last two months I have used this script I never ran into PHP or SQL scripts, and I literally customized the thing the way I wanted it, which was much different from the way it was shipped. Knowledge of HTML is a must if you want to customize it on your own.
You can add as many and completely different categories and sub categories as you want. Categories can be by region (if you install the regions module) or by type (e.g. personals, auto, real state etc.). The support team has been very helpful, answered my emails quickly and solved my problems, some times two in one day. Therefore, I would recommend this script to any one who would like to have a professional, affordable and easy to use classified script.

Heung Yuen Mai, Hong Kong
The best classifieds program with excellent support service!
I have used the Esvon classifieds software to setup my new advertising site - Hong Kong Ads. I have used many classifieds programs before I bought Esvon Classifieds. After installing the program, I found it is much better than other classifieds programs like e-classifeds, xcent classifieds or other programs I have used before! Also, their support team is great! I have asked them many questions since I bought the program, and they had answered all my questions and solved all my problems! So, I would like to recommend the program to anyone who are going to buy classifieds software now.

F Oliveira, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Esvon Classifieds is undoubtly the best software in its niche. It is excelent. The modules are extremely good. And also is the support. If you have a professional classified ads site, you must use it. There is no other like that.

T Chiang, British Columbia, Canada
Not only was the software straightforward to install and set-up, the support was very helpful the few times that I needed help. Even when I was only testing the product, I was impressed with the support. Frankly the best value out there for a turn-key classifieds software.

A Morgan, Victoria, Australia
I have found Esvon Classifieds an excellent program to work with. I am a novice with databases as all the previous work I have done was through a WYSIWYG and MX Macromedia. I am struggling a little with adapting to the new system, however the support, guidance and assistance from ESVON has been second to none. They are great guys who are willing to help. Pricing is also very favourable as when you look at the similar programs, most of them start from at least US$1000 plus more for the standard edition before you add any custom work or any extra features. For an advanced program with these capabilities you can not go past Esvon Classifieds.

T Boatright, Riding Double, USA
Thank you so much Esvon! We purchased your package and wanted very specific changes made to meet our "dating site" needs. With basic HTML knowledge i was able to give the site the "look" we wanted. The rest i relied on you, and you were always quick to respond to my needs, did great work and of course the price was fantastic. Thanks for helping us get started!

R Desimone, RI, USA
For some reason yours was one of the last scripts that I found and I looked everywhere. I tried all kinds of demos and open source software. I wish I had found you first. I was ready to give up. I may have looked at yours briefly and passed it by for some reason. Great program. The best support I have ever had.

A Corral, Venezuela, Caracas
Not only is Esvon's classifieds software great... They strive to offer good quality customer suport and service. They have met and exceeded our support expectations repeatedly. We recommend Esvon's products and service to anyone !

D Pyles, GA, USA
This is a great product. If you are even remotely familiar with PHP/MySQL, you should have no problems customizing the look and feel of the site. Technical support is great and custom coding rates are very reasonable. This is the best classified ad application on the market.

J Parks, Old Glory Classifieds, TX, USA
I bought Esvon Classifieds about 10 days ago. The install was smooth and easy and I have been nothing less than impressed with the front end and admin utilities. I am a semi-newb when it comes to web development, so of course I needed Esvon's support a few times to help me get going in the right direction. They have been great. Very prompt on responces and always very helpful. I plan on ordering some custom work, and anticipate no problems whatsoever. A real professional product and company.

T Flaherty, OH, USA
We are using the Esvon Classified software for a start-up project. Vladimir and his team are just the ticket for us. The software features are phenomenal and the support is great. We wasted 6 weeks working with another provider who was long on promise and short on delivery. The Esvon platform has enabled us to get back on track and even ahead of projected project launch. I would highly recommend them.

J Roy, Perth, UK
The software was easy to install but it does take a bit of time and effort to become familiar with all its features. The support from Esvon is fantastic! They are very responsive and problems are resolved immediately. Custom programming is also carried out promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend Esvon Classifieds and I will be using it again on a future project.

M Owen, Rainbow Communications, BC, Canada
After spending weeks comparing classified software suites I settled on Esvon. So far I'm inpressed with both the range of features and the support provided. Would recommmend to anyone looking for high-end classifieds. Requests for customizations and support were handled quickly.

N Perzon, Spärrservice Sverige AB, Sweden
We are building a site based on a customized version of Esvon Classifieds and all I have to say is that this product is great! Very flexible and easy to modify. But the thing I'm most happy with is the product support!

A Bigelow, Heavy Metal Armory, FL, USA
This is quite a product. If you're looking for a solution to increase user retention and ad huge functionality, this is the one! Support has been great and given the option to do it all over again, we would still choose Esvon. This is a great solution that is well thought out and offers a whole host of features.

M Saganski, PartsExchange, Manitoba, Canada
This is the best classified ad script I have been able to find, and it is definitely worth the price. Loads of customizability, powerful admin, lots of features, and great tech support. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about starting up a classified ads site!

D Recksiek, USA, CA
A great product with amazing support. This software saved me about a billion hours of work. Esvon is our programming partner of choice.

W Ferguson, WV, USA
Having researched classifieds software for 3 or 4 years (off and on), I was delighted to discover Esvon classifieds. With their help, I installed the demo and worked with it for 30 days emailing questions to their support team on an almost daily basis. At the end of the demo period, I was convinced that they are for real and decided to stake the future of my idea on their product. Since purchasing it, I have continued to send them questions and have continued to receive excellent support.

T Larsen, Bergen, Norway
They build my dream! Great solution! Not to mention the technical support! Whow !! My project will soon be completed and I'm really glad I found Esvon Classifieds.

I Warner, London, UK
Absolutely excellent software. This is the best classified software I have seen and I have been testing lots for a couple of months now. The support from Esvon is amazing.

J West, MD 1st Class Hotels.Com LTD, UK
I have found Esvon Classifieds to be a flexible, fast and exciting product that does exactly what it's supposed to do. It's a great tool that can be used by someone without the need to understand HTML and complicated programming. We have been very impressed with both the product and the excellent support provided.

J McDaniel, GA, USA
We used Esvon for our programming and not only did they do a great job. But got the site up and running faster than planned. The Staff was very prompt and helpful during the entire process. The after the sale support has been great. We will be using them for our future projects.

R Gerber, FL, USA
Very steep learning curve. No User Manual. Spent more money than expected for support and customizing. But...Great results! Esvon is very flexible, allowing us to create a very high-end site that looks fantastic and so far functions great. Cust svce is good, you just need to be patient and very clear with what you want. Esvon is clearly one of the best out there for professional classifieds sites..

R Goebel, ESingles LLC, TN, USA
I came to Esvon with a sluggish, text based dating site that was slowly running into the ground. Esvon has taken my site and has developed a fast, robust, and exciting medium for my customers. From the lightning speed of front end programming in PHP to the powerful backend database in MySQL, the site is now one of the most advanced dating sites available. Esvon was very responsive in work, and reasonable in price, and I would definately recommend Esvon's products to everyone who has the desire to have a successful website.

C Pigg, Imagine Designs, USA
I would like to thank Esvon Software for the great classifieds software and the great support and customization. They know what they're doing, and they do everything the way YOU want it. I really couldn't be any happier, and I know for a fact, that if I would of went with someone else for my software, I wouldn't of been satisfied as I am now.

M Russell, Sky Ark Inc, CO, USA
We have been using Esvon Classifieds for over a year now and just love it. We are a non profit that provides free animal air transport and with out hectic schedule, it is great to have software that works 100% of the time. Also the support is always there when you ask for it.

L Smith, TX, USA
The best I have ever used. The tech support is amazing. Emails are quick. When we went on-line they where there for us. If you want professional software on a professional web site then this is the ticket. Look no where else. They walk you thru everything. You will find nothing better.

P Shirley, Queensland, Australia

M Reinolds, Germany
Turkish branch of CHIP ( uses Esvon Classifieds as a closed portal for selected CHIP readers. Here are the benefits we got from it in real usage:
  • detailed information about reader satisfaction concerning the issue;
  • marketing data for own use or reselling to suppliers and manufacturers concerning products;
  • readers in group benefit of the premium services;
  • low development-related costs;
  • all solutions provided fast;
  • individual support excellent;
  • easy to modify templates.

    C Ohlsson, Sweden
    I'm impressed by your service level and I have clearly misjudged Esvon before. I think that you will have a world class product if you allow different listings in different categories.