Upgrade Policy

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  Although we do not guarantee the availability of upgrades, it has generally been our policy to supply our registered customers with one year of free access to new software versions.

  Please be informed that neither data transfer nor installation of an upgraded software version is included in free access to new software versions. Moreover, if you have modified your current version, you will have to re-implement all the changes from scratch if you want to take advantage of the update.

  We realize that we produce complex hi-tech solutions. The upgrade process for software of this level is not always smooth. If you perform the upgrade yourself you do it on your own risk, so please do it only if you understand completely what you are doing. You can contact us using the link below and request upgrade work quote if your prefer the upgrade to be done in the most professional way.

  Also if you are currently an owner any our software product and would like to get the latest version, please fill out an upgrade request here