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Complete vehicle listing management solution, built on the Esvon Classifieds, customized and ready to go for your auto web site, specialty cars site, or the automotive inventory section of your auto dealer web site.

   Auto Listings Manager* is an edition of program which was already used in different ways: as classifieds script, web-based online inventory management software, business/community portal or even light content management system (CMS).

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   Looking for an easy to use and feature-rich automotive listing solution? We offer you unique software designed for putting your vehicles on the Internet. It is a highly customizable dealership inventory management software program created for your benefit. Auto, boat, motorcycle, rv, snowmobile, tractor, 5th wheel, camper shell and salvage agencies can take advantage of the Auto Listings Manager to manage their inventory on the Internet efficiently.

  The Auto Listings Manager was intended and developed as a solution for small car dealerships, which were planning to get online. Our dealerships inventory management script makes easy managing your vehicle inventory and displaying the vehicles your dealership has for sale.

  Our Automobile Dealership Software for the Internet provides the possibility to integrate into an existing website or maintain your own inventory with the step-by-step procedures with no HTML (web page design) experience!

  The Auto Listings Manager program is configured for web-based entering of vehicle information to the database. Search results table as well as the vehicle datasheet are automatically generated on the fly! You don't waste your time on program installation and maintenance.

   Auto Listings Manager is a web content management solution designed for Vehicle Listings showcasing. Easy to install and use, the product is meant for those, who create or manage a website for an independent salesperson, an automobile dealership, selling on consignment, private sales... Our online dealerships inventory management software allows salespersons as well as non-technical users to quickly create, publish and manage vehicle listings to their website. The peculiarity of the software is that a user needs only his browser.

   Auto Listings Manager facilitates online managing and selling of automobiles due to its easy use and installation. It is meant for any automobile dealership or salesperson. Users can easily log into the program and create the listings they are interested in by entering a vehicle's information into a group of fields (for instance color, engine, mileage, etc) The listings are updated to the website as soon as a user press the button "save". Your would-be customers now have the possibility to look through the listings that match the criteria they are searching for, as well as make a request about the automobile listings they are interested in.

  The step-by-step procedure of updating the website is offered for your consideration below:

Vehicles Photo Uploading:
  You can upload digital pictures of your vehicles from the hard drive using HTML form, Flash-based uploader or select typical pictures from stock photos collection.

Browser Based Management:
  While user places Vehicle Information - he can input the following variables into the database:
  • Stock, Make, Model, Mileage, Color, Price, Features, etc.
  • Payment Options
  • Website admin selects the features/options to be available and displayed.

    Automatic Generation of Vehicle Datasheets:
      The Auto Listings Manager submits to your consideration the results page with the vehicle data. It is completely customizable and generated on the fly. You should select the layout, color scheme and results page format you want. You can add, delete and edit any fields as well.

  • Increases revenues by allowing visitors to browse your auto inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to visit your physical dealership.
  • Automates selling process with tools to manage auto inventory and prospects easily and efficiently.
  • Easy to use software so non-technical people can manage the system.
  • Saves time by enabling end customer or dealers to update listings on their own.
  • Speeds up the sales process with comparison shopping and instant notification of listings to interested prospects.
  • Empowers you with control over your brand identity.

    Software Recommended Minimum
    PHP 7.4-8.2 5.5
    MySQL 8.0 + 5.5
    ionCube Loader


  • Front-end: online demo here
  • Admin area: online demo here
    Note: The demo admin area has limited functionality, performance of some actions has been disabled.

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    *This software is an edition of Esvon Classifieds; it has all its features and is an example of Esvon Classifieds usage
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    Attention Getters module $77.95
    Regions module $129.95
    Saved Searches module $129.95
    Stock Photo Gallery $142.95
    ZIP Code Radius Search module $129.95
    Source code domain license (developer license) **
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    ** Source code version is not subject to free upgrades