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Version: 5.0 (changelog)

* Price includes single-domain lifetime license and 1 year of free access to new software versions.
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  • Compatibility with both Linux and Windows web servers
  • Written in popular/supported PHP programming language
  • MySQL database
  • Ability to resize images using ImageMagick or built-in PHP's GD and IMagick libraries
  • Multiple WYSIWYG editors support (CKEditor, CLEditor and HTMLBox support built-in)

    International Capabilities
  • UTF-8 support
  • Conversion of entire site into any language. All design / layout is template based, language files are included for messages
  • Accept International payments through integrated payment system (4 payment gateways built-in, others can be added upon request)
  • Multi-lingual user interface capability (using Multi Language module)

  • Image verification (CAPTCHA) to prevent automated form submisions
  • No chance for SQL injection, session fixation attacks
  • Buit-in protection from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS/XST), Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF), session hijacking, junior form spoofing, email injection, HTTP response splitting (header injection) and file upload attacks
  • Secure persistent login implementation (single authentication cookies) to avoid replay (presentation) attacks
  • Brute force login attempts rejecton
  • Ability to specify restricted set of allowed HTML tags to ensure protection from XSS and other attacks but to allow WYSIWYG editors usage for text decoration (bolding, different text sizes, fonts, styles, etc), YouTube video code posting, etc.
  • Admin Area directory renaming is supported for security purposes
  • Notification by e-mail to the administrator when a user registers and posts ads
  • Ability to remove "bad words" as defined by the administrator
  • Checks the validity of e-mail addresses entered by each user
  • Checks to make sure that users entered all necessary contact information

  • Efficient database design
  • Automatic usage of MySQL version specific features/improvements
  • Lightweight homegrown MySQL wrapper usage instead of heavy DB abstraction layer
  • Database queries caching to reduce server load (with Admin Area based cache clearing and expiration time control)
  • PHP pages compression (Gzip'ed output) supported to increase PHP pages loading speed
  • Ability to limit searchable keywords amount to keep server resources usage reasonable

    Search engines friendliness
  • Ability to display category names and listing fields (like car make, model, year) in page titles
  • Search engines friendly URLs support with ability to include category names and listing titles in these URLs
  • Automatic search engine robot (spider) detection to avoid PHP session starting for it. List of robots is provided (more than 300 entries) and is open for future updates

  • Ability to handle extreme amounts of traffic due to its database functionality, professional approach to the software design/coding and database queries caching, unlike the slow-running processing speed of a flat-files Perl script that has the tendency to crash your system when your site grows
  • Unlimited level categories with ability to import / export category names and trees
  • Scalable to a virtually limitless number of ads (tested in production with listings amount near to 100,000)
  • Efficient category tree building engine. It is very fast, only 2 SQL queries are used to build unlimited level category tree with ads amount per category calculation. You may want to know that many low end scripts don't care about performance and can bring your server to knees by amount of database queries executed!

  • Comprehensive Interface that is complex, yet user-friendly
  • Templates Management, 100% separation of HTML code from PHP
  • Modify template files on the fly. You can update templates online any time without need to re-upload files
  • Control registration emails
  • Control ad placement emails
  • Identify required/optional fields
  • Control pixel size of thumbnail images
  • Set limitations on file size of uploaded images
  • Ability to force ads to be placed in the lowest subcategory
  • Category selection made from a dropdown box
  • Customize and tailor category/subcategory questions so that they are applicable to any market
  • Enter "badwords" to be filtered from ad titles and descriptions
  • List/search/manage users/registrants by different criteria
  • Perform your own database backups with a single mouse click
  • Unique capability to create HTML driven "Extra Pages". Use for :
       - FAQ's page
       - Products & Services page
       - Shopping Cart pages
       - Affiliates page
       - General Information page
       - You choose...any HTML driven page you can create
  • Ability to show/no-show "ad count" for each category/subcategory
  • Terms of Use page - require registrant to agree
  • Privacy Policy page
  • Control the number of days a classified ad can be displayed
  • Control amount of images to be uploaded
  • Control size of image to be uploaded
  • Configure column display of uploaded images
  • Allow/disallow thumbnails
  • Control size of thumbnails
  • Control length of ad title
  • Control length of ad description - long word filter
  • Control aspects of the registration process, including required/optional fields
  • Related links and categories support
  • Top visited, New, Featured Ads pages (by category)
  • Reviews writing and voting for each ad by site visitors and displaying supported
  • Blocks engine. You can have any content blocks (including database-driven) in header, footer and other templates. Some blocks available now: Categories, Featured Ad, Who is Online, Latest Ads, Recently Viewed, Top Rated, Most Popular..

  • Listing fields customizeable by category
  • Supported listing field types include single line text boxes, textarea, HTML areas (WYSIWYG textboxes), drop-down menus, multiple select lists, radio buttons, checkboxes (single or multiple choices), date, file upload controls..
  • Admin Area based listing field configurations (fieldsets) management
  • Create your own ad templates or use the Esvon Classifieds default ad templates
  • Ability to display "Newest Ads" (Top Rated, Most Popular) in categories (category specific)
  • Complete header/footer control - (show, no show, size, color, html, text, graphics, etc...)
  • Insert images for categories/subcategories
  • Control all site text through the admin
  • Show newest and/or featured ads on front page and subcategory pages
  • Select the number of newest and/or featured ads to be displayed on front page and subcategory pages

    Fee-based features
  • Create an unlimited number of complex price plans and pricing schemes
  • Set expiration time to price plans
  • Ability to handle "real-time" credit card processing
  • Preconfigured and set up with Paypal, 2Checkout, Worldpay and Authorize.Net for payments
  • Preconfigured for Cash Payments, Check Payments, Money Order Payments
  • Charge for an ad based on the length of time the ad is displayed
  • Charge users for different subscription periods (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.)
  • Charge users for having better ad placement positioning
  • Charge users for featured ad status
  • Charge users for images amount per ad
  • Charge users for site browsing, ad details viewing
  • Expenses management (for expenses tracking for advertising, custom programming, additional software, etc) to help you in monthly / yearly profit analysis and taxes calculation.

    Ads expiration
  • Ads are removed from active status by user or automatically upon expiration of ad
  • Ad renewal process
  • Email alert of ad expiration
  • Optional deletion of ads that have expired

  • Sophisticated search system that allows for a variety of different search criteria
  • Search is driven by category when "search" button is picked while inside a category
  • Search by keyword
  • Search by predefined dropdown box values
  • Or simply search by browsing

    User Registration
  • Easy to use registration process which uses an email address verification routine that:
    • reduces fake registrations
    • ensures unique email addresses are required (no duplicates within the site)
    • assures that the user registering at least has current access to the email address used
  • User has incredible control over their ads and preferences. "User Management Facility" contains:
    • my ads
    • my current information
    • place new ad
    • my favorites
    • payment transactions
    • modules (Auto Notify, My Mailbox, etc)
  • Reply or send an inquiry to the seller by clicking on his/her name within the ad itself
  • Can allow registration without email confirmation
  • Registration process consolidated to one page

    Additional Controls
  • Admin Control Panel allows administrator to manage virtually all aspects of the program through the Graphical User Interface
  • Administrator can specify required fields in the admin facility, as well as, show/noshow certain fields
  • Ability to set maximum number of characters that users can enter in each text field when entering ads
  • Mutliple mailing lists support. Subscribe/unsubscribe with email confirmation, admin area for mailing lists management, newsletter sending, e-mails and log management, etc

    Modules-based extra functionality
  • Several additional modules with premium functionality - you pay only for modules/features you really need
  • Multiple administrator accounts with limited rights (see Editors module). You may want to have some people who will have restricted Admin Area access to perform limited set of tasks which you assign to them
    Can't find the feature you're looking for? Send an inquiry to us and we'll let you know right away if it's in there. There's just too many features to list!