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Module: Member Website
  Member Website module allows website members to build their web sites displaying their own listings from your master website based on Esvon Classifieds script which is often used as inventory management software.

  This module allows the classifieds webmaster to build (and sell if appropriate) templated customer websites that use the master website as the source for the listing data. Visitors to the customer's website will only see that particular customer's replicated listings. It is possible to display either all listings or listings from certain categories only. The traffic between master and slave websites is cached and compressed (gzipped) for the best performance and bandwidth saving.

  The Esvon Classified master website becomes the central repository for client website data and processing logic thus eliminating the difficulties, delays and costs associated with complex website implementations. The customer's website can have a unique URL, a subdirectory within your domain name space or a sub-domain i.e.,,, or

  The Member Website module also allows you to create customized templates that can be sold to all your clients. Each template can be modified to provide unique branding that can include for example, logos, navigation, colors or contact information. If the clients are familiar with HTML they can make their own modifications or integrate the Member Website listings feature into an existing website.

  Some customers typically (e.g. real estate agents, auto dealers) have no time or skills to maintain their own websites (storefronts), so you can simplify their life by providing custom web creation and hosting services. The Clients (Agents, Dealers) create and edit their listings through your main site which simplifies training and support. The Member Website / Storefront will duplicate customer ads and display updated information automatically. Dealer Storefronts allow visitors to browse and search a dealer's entire inventory only. Additional revenues opportunities are possible from the sale of the templates, hosting, listing fees and any combination of the flexible pricing plans built into Esvon Classifieds.

  The site administrator can grant permissions to create custom websites for selected Clients or to all users. The Administrator controls data feeds caching time and which listing fields that can be displayed at the member sites, he has ability to setup client websites to display all listings from the master website or certain part of these listings.

  The Member Website module includes PHP and HTML template files for the customer that can be installed on any server that supports PHP (no MySQL database is needed).

Requirements (Client Software):
PHP 5.2+

Online member website demo is available here.

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Dealers can replicate their listings on their own web site and at the same time only have to manage online inventory in one place

Admin Area section to control caching options, website creation service availability, etc

Admin Area section to control listing fields allowed for displaying at member websites

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